Technology Beliefs Summary

Carolyn- Schools Embrace the iPad
The advantages for using iPads are it saves money on paper and textbooks, improved an increased correspondence between teachers and students, the ease in which students can submit homework and assignments, and the ability to keep a record of students as a digital portfolio. Reasons for not using the iPad are that it will become more
of a toy or a distraction than a tool to help students learn.

Jen- Effects of Technology
It is important because technology helps build student self-esteem and motivation. Sometimes it is easier to pay more attention to a computer than a teacher, so technology would assist in helping students pay more attention and learn more. Benefits heavily outweigh the negative effects of using technology. Technology allows students to learn more in less time.

Angela- Technology for Students with Disabilities
There are seven principles that refine the universal designs, or accommodations to help each student learn the most they can. Technology enhances their learning abilities. They are able to email if they have a problem or question, they can access homework and assignments online. NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard) makes things more accessible for students with disabilities. It uses things such as closed and open captioning, audio descriptions, and audio navigation. The best way to improve student access to these technologies is to make the enhancements a priority.

Amanda- Using Technology in the Early Childhood Classroom
Young children can benefit from technology, but it needs to be balanced with other developmentally appropriate activities for their age. Young children should use computers and technology that is more interactive. Computers allow them to control what happens, which is an important skill for them to become productive adults.

Technology should be available to every student in the classroom because it is very beneficial to their learning and development.

My Beliefs
1. Do you believe that computer technology should be used in the classroom? Why or why not?
I think that computer technology should be used in the classroom. I believe this for multiple reasons. Students have a lot more fun in the classroom when they can figure things out on their own. They get bored with having a teacher the whole time and like to do it themselves sometimes. I also think it's a good idea because the students that have disabilities are able to use the enhancements and the accommodations provided to increasing their learning abilities.

2. What are the benefits of using computer technology in the classroom?
There are many benefits that come from using computer technology in the classroom. It is a way to keep the students entertained. If a student is absent for one or more days, they can get on the teachers website to get the homework assignments. They can have an interactive class website which can help tutor the students.

3. What are the drawbacks of using computer technology in the classroom?
I think One of the main drawbacks is if the system crashes or doesn't load for the day, you don't really have a class and have to hurry and think of a back up plan. Another big drawback is, it is probably really distracting for the students as well. Since these students are so used to technology and can use it so well, they will get very easily distracted playing with whatever access to technology they have.

4. What are your own personal barriers to using technology in the classroom?
One of my own personal barriers is using PowerPoint to its fullest. I am also very novice to WikiSpace and have no idea how to use it.

5. What are two goals that you could work toward this semester to overcome those barriers?
My first goal is for PowerPoint to have a greater understand of how to use it and how to make my students interested and involved in the process.
My second goal is to get to know how to use WikiSpace and learn of its strengths and weaknesses.