Pioneer Online Library

1. This site contains a variety of educational material.
2. The difference between this site and a Google search is that eMedia brought up a lot more information that was related to the topic than google did. It was easier to search.
3. The website was very eay to navigate and the quality of information was good and very reliable.
4. The Theme/Topic I selected is Numbers. This website had a few good videos and articles about numbers that would be good to use in a classroom. This is the one I chose. Numbers and Counting
5. Three Learning activites I would use to engage the students. Since this is a Media website, there aren't many games or activities, but there are quite a few short fun videos.
  • Math Cure A young girl realizes that everyday problems can be solved with math.
  • Math and Time A boy learns different Math vocabulary words.
  • TumbelTown Tales A fun short clip of How directions can be confusing.
These three Activities will engage the students because they are fun clips to watch and the students will be able to relate.
6. I would have my students use these by watching them when I showed them, then I would ask them questions to see what they remembered.

1. This site contains mostly Reading and Math information.
2. The difference between this site and Google search is that there are more things available for a teacher to provide a student with. It contained things like worksheets and practice tests.
3. LearningExpress was difficult to navigate, and I didn't really like the layout or the desing. The information was high quality, but the site didn't look very professional.
4. With the topic of Numbers, this site was good considering it was a site mostly for math and reading. In order to access full information for this site, it is required to log in and create an account. This is the Site for Elementary School.
5. For the learning activites, I would not refer to this site. The information provided is mostly exams.
6. I wouldn't have students refer to this website unless it was under desperate measures.

imagesCAFV241Z.jpgWorld Book Online:
1. This Site contains information from all over. It seems as if every topic is covered.
2. A diference between this site and Google is that it actually had every type of media it held for that topic on the left hand side and it said how many files of that category it had for the particular topic.
3. This site is very easy to navigate and the quality of information is very high.
4. This webiste had a lot of neat things pertaining to numbers that could possibly be used in a classroom. This is my favorite.
5. There are a few learning activities from this website that I could possibly use. Most of the things found on this page are for informational purposes only, and not to help learn how to do certain things.
6. If a student had a question about a definition or a historical question, I would refer them to this website. Other than that, I'm not sure I would have my students use it.