3rd Grade Mathematics
I selected this subject because I hope to someday be able to teach third grade, and I know that there are important math skills learned in this grade.

Standard 2
Students will use patterns, symbols, operations, and properties of addition and multiplication to represent and describe simple number relationships.

Objective 1
Create, represent, and analyze growing patterns.
  1. Create and extend growing patterns using objects, numbers, and tables.
  2. Describe how patterns are extended using manipulatives, pictures, and numerical representations.

pattern_blocks.jpgLesson Plan 1: Recognizing Patterns.
This activity helps students create and extend patterns using blocks. This goes with the objective very well. I selected this lesson plan because it is a hands on learning experience for the children. They get to use the pattern blocks to recognize and create patterns. Later on in the lesson it suggests an activity that involves the students participation by standing in a circle. Once there, the students will make a growing pattern. Each student selects an action they want to do. For example: the first student will snap their fingers one time, The following student will start by doing the previous students action and add a stomp. This will be repeated until the whole circle has had a turn. This lesson plan also allows students to do another activity with a partner. I like this lesson plan because it has a lot of fun interactive ways to recognize and make patterns.

Times-tables-grid-mathatube_com-1.gifLesson Plan 2: Multiples of Patterns
This lesson plan helps students to learn and recognize both multiplication and patterns. It is related to the standard selected because in this lesson students use different things such as patterns, symbols, and ultiplication to represent and describe number relationships. This lesson plan is fun and exciting because it allows the children to learn and understand how to count in multiples of three in a fun way of using tootsie rolls! After the tootsie roll activity, the students will each have a mulitplication chart and will be directed to fold the paper in a certain way. After this, they will look for the different patterns and write about what patterns they saw. I chose this lesson plan because I remember that I didn't always enjoy multiplication in elementary school, but if there was candy involved first I would've been a lot more motivated. This lesson allows the children to have fun with candy while they learn all about recognizing patterns in multiplication.

Here are some fun games to help learn more about Patterns!
Cyber Pattern Player
Crack the Code

A Few More websites to help out:
A+ Math Games. This is a good website to go to for any kind of math help. With this site's help, I hope you all get an A+ in math!
Pattern Quest. Just for some extra help with those patterns. A fun site to learn with.

Additional Resources:
Bill Nye: This doesn't have to do with math, but it's a good site to go to and still learn while you're having fun.
Homestar Runner: Also doesn't have to do with math, but was a site I used to love to go on in elementary school!
ZOOM!: This is a website by kids, and for kids! A win win situation.
Disney!: Fun Disney Games and activities that will never get boring.

1. UEN is a website for teachers and students that helps both learn and understand the things that they should.
2. UEN is very important because it helps educators get the information and ideas they need. A teacher doesn't always have the time that they wish they had to plan and search for good activities, lesson plans, and pictures, but with UEN, a teacher has all of those right on hand.
3. As a teacher I will use UEN to get a variety of ideas on how to teach different lessons and I'm sure I will use it for images and sound as well. These are things that I have already done, but in addition to those, as a teacher I will refer UEN to the parents who have children that are struggling in class. I can show the parent the website and show them what standards and objectives will be taught and how they can help me by teaching it in the home as well.