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I learned that the recipes are sorted by Country, that makes it very simple if you are looking for certain foods from specific Countries. The graphs function is also very interesting, it allows you to create your own graph, with the capability of doing four at a time. The function "Famous People" is also sorted by Country-there are things such as, famous actors, singers, Presidents etc. The interview function features a person who has answered different questions about their typical day and different things that they like/dislike. The Photo Gallery has some pictures that show what life is like in each particular country with a caption describing the photo.

I learned that this site can be very helpful as a teacher, especially if you have a student that is from a different Country. This site would be a good place to go to find out more about what that student was used to and what kinds of things you as a teacher need to adapt to each student so that they can learn to the best of their ability.

The "Faces of the World Interviews" function consists of men and women, adults and children who are from different Countries. There is a picture of the person "interviewed", their age, their name, and where they are from at the top. It then goes on to ask different questions. Some of these questions include:
  1. Describe a typical day during the week.
  2. Do you identify strongly with a particular ethnic group?
  3. What languages do you speak?
  4. Does religion play a role in your everyday life?
  5. Describe your mealtimes
  6. What is your favorite food?
  7. Describe your home.
  8. What is your role in your family.
  9. How do you usually get around.
  10. What is most important to you?

Famous People
This section has each Country listed, you can click on the Country you want and it will bring up famous people that are from that Country. It shows their name, why they are famous, when they were born and when they died(if applicable), and it gives a summary of their life and how they became famous. Some of the reasons of fame are leaders in wars, novelists, athletes, Presidents, singers, etc.

My Country of Choice: BRAZILBrazil_flag_lg.gif

From the CultureGram website, I learned the following things about Brazil.

The population of Brazil is 201.1 million and counting, with 27 percent of that being younger than age 15!

The official Language of Brazil is Portuguese however the form is a little different that the Portuguese from Portugal.

The Main Religion by about 75% in Brazil is Roman Catholic, but there are other Christian churches that are growing very rapidly.

Click Here to hear Brazil's National Anthem

Social status commonly is measured by one's power to acquire possessions.

In general, Brazilians are fashionable and like to dress according to the latest styles. People in urban areas like to wear brand-name clothing. People in the warmest and most humid regions dress more casually. People in these areas generally wear light or brightly colored clothing.

Brazilian Families are Tightly Knit, and vary in size. In General children live with their parents til marriage which is approximately 30. Young Brazilians are considered adults when they turn 18 and graduate from secondary school. At this age, it is mandatory that they vote in elections, and they are allowed to obtain a driver's license. It is obligatory for men to enter the military at age 19, where they must serve for a minimum of 12 months.

Brazilians are very hard workers. They don't make a lot of money, and most of their jobs consist of carrying goods from trucks to the market stalls.

For meals, they usually eat a very light breakfast which consists of coffee, fruit and a piece of buttered bread. Lunch is the main meal and often includes beans, rice, meat, salad, potatoes, bread, and fruit. Dinner is lighter and may include a bowl of soup with bread, followed by coffee or milk with a piece of cake. Pastries are typical snacks.


In their leisure time,the people of Brazil like to play and watch Soccer. They also like to watch Soap Operas. They love to go Dancing and love to vacation. Anything that is fun to do, they enjoy.

One of the famous singers/tv hosts in Brazil is Xuxa (Maria da Graça Meneghel). She was born in 1963. (Xuxu is pronounced SHOO-shah). She was a teen model and later became a host for a popular children's television show. In this show there was performances of other famous people. She broadened her entertainment to a variety of Spanish TV programs throughout Spain and Latin America and sold over 20 million albums. She is the among the richest women in Brazil, however she has not been successful in the US at all.

The Government in Brazil is Federative Republic. The President is head of the state and government. Voting is mandatory for ages 19-70, active military members do not vote.
The Economy is among the highest in the world but the distribution is very unequal which brings about 25% of the population into poverty. Brazil is very self-sufficient when it comes to crops and agriculture but most of the natural gas they use is imported.

The biggest holiday in Brazil is Carnaval. Activities on this holiday consist of music, dancing, parties, drinking, and a parade.
These Women are Waiting for the parade to pass by

Bus is the most common form of transportation, and they get extremely crowded. There are taxis available in larger cities. TV's are found everywhere due to the country's love of film and music. There are Payphones, but they don't take coins-only phone cards or tokens. Most Brazilians have internet access.

Education is very important for the Brazilian Society. It is required by ages 6-14. Attendance is not the biggest priority because some children are also the providers for their families. There are Private Schools and Universities available but they are very expensive and difficult to get into.